Seniors Share Thank Yous at Scholars' Celebration

Check out the lightning strikes our three seniors shared at our annual Scholars' Celebration last night.


Thank yous from students to the program, from host families to students, from the program to our many supporters cascaded last night at our annual Scholars' Celebration at the Log Cabin on the Phillips Academy Campus. Friends shared a delightfully warm evening mingling outside, laughing and catching up before enjoying a dinner of an extensive selection of salads and grilled meats and vegetables. The students were the focus of the events, all beautifully attired, as we recognized their resilience, hard work and extensive accomplishments over their high school career.

Amy Joyall and the Board of Directors hosted the evening of merriment. Many thank yous were shared, including the following excerpts from a heartfelt sentiment by our three seniors Abbi, Jazzare, and Deanna.

"Thank you all for coming tonight. You all make a beautiful audience.

The support system that you all have become for us is something that we will miss in college. There will be no one to call when we need rides or someone to set up a tutoring session for us. No one to tell when to do our homework, to clean this, pick up that, or to go to bed. The discipline that has been ingrained in us will last forever and it’s comforting to know that.

There were definitely struggles through the years. The first challenge was getting used to living with six other girls. The second challenge began as we tried to blend into Andover while also maintaining our personality and individuality. What is great about theses struggles are that they force us to become a better version of ourselves. In the end, it has only made us stronger and wiser.

It isn’t always clear at times how important a host family is in this whole process but as the time went on we could only think to ourselves What would I do without them? What experiences would I have missed without them? Our host families are an integral foundation to the young ladies we have become. They have nourished us, guided us, and provided us with all that need and for that we are VERY thankful for your support.

Before we end, we have a couple of lightning strikes:

Nilda: Those velvet skirts look awesome on you.
A’mari: Paint more because you are awesome.
Fatouma: I want a championship next year.
Xonatia: Varsity Field Hockey is all yours next year. Work Hard!
Ariel: I expect to see you on Project Runway in the next few years.

Don’t be afraid to show this program your full worth, but while doing so be great ambassadors and leaders in the community. Remember to pay it forward!

Lastly, we would like to spread our appreciation to staff members Catherine, Richard, Jessica, and Kelly for your devotion to this program and wanting to be a part of this family. As we transition from this stage to the next, Andover ABC will hold a special place in our hearts."