AHS graduate is loving college life

Recent ABC graduate Abbi Awodele reports from Notre Dame that she is delighted with the university – from her studies to new friends on campus.

“I am doing absolutely positively well and loving every single moment of it,” she says in a note to ABC. “Within two weeks, I started calling it home. I have made very close friends… who I can see having a lovely future with.”

Doyinsade Abigail Awodele, know to us as Abbi, i is one of three students in A Better Chance of Andover to graduate last spring from Andover High. Deanna Starr entered Villanova University last month and Jazzare Mays is at the University of Hartford.

Abbi is limiting extra-curricular activities to singing in a gospel choir because her course load is so demanding.

“I have never done as much work, readings, late nights and tutoring than now,” she reports.

With hopes of eventually becoming a pediatrician, she plans next semester to volunteer at a local hospital and be a mentor to children.

“All in all,’ she concludes, “everything is great and I am loving this experience.”