Graduation Celebration

Graduation Day for the ABC seniors was chock-full of friends, family and lots of celebration as the three seniors garnered recognition and worked behind the scenes to make graduation an event to remember.

The day kicked off with the Annual Andover High School Awards breakfast, held at Andover Country Club. Abbi was cheered on by her family, including her mom, dad, and three brothers, as she received three recognitions of excellence in choir, community service and mediation.

After lunch with family and friends, the ABC scholars joined the 439 students of the graduating class of 2014 at the Tsongas Center in Lowell. Deanna, a member of the Senior Board and of the Graduation Committee took her spot on stage as one of five designated readers.

Speakers, from class essayist Melissa Dellato to retiring teacher Edward Parker, pointed to technology as the undeniable signature force in students’ lives--from taking selfies on stage to describing, tongue- in- cheek one of the biggest changes in the fall: that of one’s Facebook status. As a counter to this hyper-tech world, Parker challenged students to also unplug and focus on listening to each other, on enjoying both solitude and human connection free of technology.

In keeping with tradition, the Andover High teachers formed a circle to congratulate the graduates after they received their diplomas. Students were greeted with handshakes and hugs by their now former teachers, mentors, coaches and friends.

The ceremony was capped off by the ritual of turning of tassels, which signifies the transition from candidate to graduate. And then, of course, there were the raucous cheers and hugs all around.

The now-ABC alumni convened outside among the hoards of families, friends, the taking of photographs, and smoking of cigars, proudly sporting their diplomas and graduation caps.

Graduation day was not over yet, the next stop for Abbi, Deanna and Jazz was Senior Safari, where they and their fellow graduates spent the evening at the AHS field house in an all-night substance free celebration.

Bravo and good night!