About A Better Chance of Andover

A Better Chance Inc. is a national non-profit whose mission is to increase substantially the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society. A Better Chance identifies, recruits, and refers qualified highly-motivated students to outstanding secondary schools, both public and private, which provide scholarships to these students so that they may excel in college and eventually go on to assume positions of leadership and responsibility.

A Better Chance of Andover (ABC) is one of 21 community school programs (CSP) of A Better Chance Inc. and seeks to carry out these goals through the facilities of its public high school and the extensive support of the Andover community. A Better Chance of Andover admits students who it believes are most likely to benefit from the educational, cultural and social opportunities offered by its unique program.
Andover High School
ABC scholars are welcomed into a community with a high-performing school, Andover High School.

Scholarships usually start in 9th grade and continue for four years. Our students live in ABC's dormitory on Main Street while school is in session where they are supervised by live-in Resident Directors and Resident Assistants.
Look Inside A Better Chance of Andover's Dormitory

The program includes study-hour supervision, academic tutoring, college preparation, and a wide range of enrichment activities and trips. Students are encouraged to participate in sports, community service or one of the wide range of clubs or after-school activities available to them.
Enrichment Activities

A unique aspect of our community school program is the students’ connection with local host families. Each student is partnered with a family with whom they spend one evening each week and one weekend per month. These relationships are often the beginning of a life-long friendship.
What is a Host Family?