A Day in the Life

School days at ABC are very busy. Students are out of the house and heading to the bus early in the morning. Afternoons and evenings are filled with activities and study, with opportunities to relax, to catch up with housemates, and to share the day's happenings over family style dinner.

7:00 Students catch the bus at a local middle school approximately three blocks from the ABC dorm
7:45 First class begins at the high school
2:05 Last class ends
2:05-5:00. Scholars are expected to participate in either an athletic sport or a combination of after school enrichment/club activities during this time.
5:30 Convene at the ABC house
6:00 Family style dinner
7:00-9:45 Mandatory study hours. Students work in the common study rooms or their dorm room; Resident Assistants proctor (Hours on Sunday and Wednesday are slightly different, no study hours Friday and Saturday nights)
11:30 Lights-out (curfews are later on Friday and Saturday nights)