Blue Batons and Beautiful Bouquets Highlights of Annual Meeting

ABC_PresAward_SusanConnolly_MaryBethNason_061015.jpgSusan Connolly and Mary Beth Nason graciously received the President’s Award at ABC’s annual meeting last night. In the words of outgoing president Nancy Vogler, both women “have been there for the girls, the program and for her.” She shared words of appreciation for the breadth of their work for ABC— Susan participates on nearly every ABC committee while simultaneously keeping the house in top-notch condition and managing all of the technology needs. Mary Beth’s hard work continues to be integral throughout ABC from managing our new student admission to hiring staff to being our Andover Days organizer to supporting our Treasurers.

Nancy also recognized outgoing board members Sophia Alexander, Robin Gendron, Arlene Hawkins, Dot McGlincy, Toby Coltin O’leary, thanking them for their work for ABC with flowers and a book which expresses the value of volunteering and making a difference in the world.

The members unanimously voted in the new officers of the board of directors along with four new board members. Susan Connolly is the new President of ABC of Andover and Nancy figuratively and literally handed her the baton. Mary Pritchard is the new Vice President, Noreen Marton and Cynthia Marsh are Co-Treasurers and Gaby Nossiff is Secretary. Lori Barsalou, Carlos Cedeño, Julie Ireland Childs and Lisa Maue are our four new board members.ABC_AnnualMtg_NancyVogler_SusanConnolly_061015.jpg

The annual meeting is a wonderful chance to reconnect with past Presidents and board members who through their leadership in prior years have helped build the organization into all it represents today. Each and every volunteer over our nearly 50 years has supported our 137 alumni and 5 current undergraduates on their quest for a strong education as a foundation for their positions of leadership in society.