ABC at a Glance

  • A Better Chance of Andover is one of 22 local community school programs of a national nonprofit organization A Better Chance, Inc.
  • ABC of Andover is the oldest continuously operating ABC public-school program in the nation and has graduated more than 137 scholars since our founding in 1967
  • Each year 8-10 of our program's scholars attend Andover High School under the Town of Andover’s sponsorship
  • Our alumni typically go on to graduate from highly selective colleges, graduate programs and professional schools to become tomorrow’s leaders
  • We are operated by a volunteer Board of Directors who live in the local community
  • ABC of Andover does not receive financial assistance from the national ABC organization or any government agencies. One hundred percent of our budget comes from private contributions, grants and local businesses
  • Other ABC programs in Massachusetts are located in Amherst, Wellesley, and Winchester
  • ABC of Andover is a female-only program; there are other ABC community school programs that enroll males
  • ABC of Andover takes students from outside of Massachusetts; this decision enhances the experience of the boarding scholars and ensures a full commitment to the Andover and AHS experience
  • ABC of Andover is not affiliated with Phillips Academy although we have a close working partnership and Phillips Academy supports our program in a variety of ways

ABC of Andover Mission Statement
We bring motivated students of color to live in Andover, where they attend Andover High School to better prepare for college. Thanks to your generosity, we provide our students with a house on Main Street, and a complete network of support and love.