Dorm Life

Our residence dorm truly becomes a home away from home for the ABC scholars. Students are assigned to either a double or single room on the second and third floors of the dorm and share a bathroom (located on each floor). Resident Assistants also live on the floors with the students. Students are encouraged to personalize their rooms but are also required to keep their rooms and the hallways neat and clutter-free. The students are allowed to utilize the common rooms at their leisure although there is no television viewing allowed during the school week.

The Resident Director lives in a three bedroom apartment attached to the main house which is easily accessible through the student dining room.

Supervision: Students are supervised at all times by one or more Resident Assistants or the Resident Director, who rotate on-duty hours throughout the week. Students are required to sign out when leaving the house for non-academic activities.

Meals: Students are required to attend family-style dinners each school night with the Resident Director and other students. Students are responsible for their own breakfasts and for meals on the weekends. Andover High School provides breakfast and lunch for ABC students. The ABC program stocks the kitchen with foodstuffs requested by the girls and students are always allowed to use the kitchen to prepare snacks or dinner should they miss a meal for any reason.

Visitors: Students are encouraged to bring their friends to the house. Guests of the opposite sex are allowed in the common rooms only. Students must inform the Resident Director if she is inviting guests.

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