ABC of Andover scholars enjoy a wide range of enriching ABC activities in addition to the high school’s superb academic program and its array of clubs, sports, and creative opportunities. Opportunities for Summer Enrichment are also facilitated.


  • Special group events – Cultural experiences each year may include visits to museums, music, dance, and theatre performances and other cultural activities in Greater Boston.
  • Individual Opportunities – The program makes every effort to match each student’s interests with appropriate resources, such as swimming lessons, music lessons, leadership conferences and talent performances.
  • Host Family Experiences – Host families often include their “host daughter” in their family activities, which may include skiing, sport fishing or a visit to the mountains or the ocean.


The ABC experience does not stop when summer lets out in June. Our scholars are encouraged to engage in summer enrichment activities that allow them to follow a passion, face an academic challenge with greater confidence, or to discover new things about themselves and the world. These experiences ensure that each student achieves the same level of enriched experience as their Andover peers and finishes their time at ABC a well rounded and balanced person. Our summer enrichment coordinator works closely with each of our scholars to investigate, plan for, and finding funding for a variety of opportunities, from Math enrichment, fashion camp, college prep camp at ivy league college campuses to Outward Bound.