Fatouma's Reflections Before Graduation

ABC_FatoumaKoneJohnGabyNossiff_052015.jpgSenior Fatouma Koné is quick to ask how a friend is doing… or the daughter of an ABC volunteer or her host mom. She embodies the belief that you are remembered more by how you make people feel than what you say, so she brings caring into each of her relationships. She says she will miss the network of support she has had throughout high school, knowing that she will need to be much more independent as she heads to Franklin & Marshall College next fall.

When she first got the phone call from F&M, she was excited and surprised.

"I was like, what?! I couldn't believe it and started going through all sorts of scenarios."

Her host dad suggested she call back and see what they had to say. What they had to say was an offer of admission and financial aid to support her college career.

"I called my mom and I literally started crying," Fatouma recollected.

As she heads to college she leaves behind sound advice for new students arriving next fall at A Better Chance of Andover. "Take advantage of all the help you're getting, all the advice. Be confident, but don't be afraid to ask for help." And of course her mantra: "Treat others well."

We wish Fatouma all the best as she graduates from Andover High School and looks forward to college. So many new possibilities await!