Mayer Tree Service Donates Tree Care for Arbor Day

ANDOVER — The historic residence at 134 Main Street that serves as a dormitory for local non-profit Andover A Better Chance was the recipient of expert tree care by Mayer Tree Service and Joe Ponti of JP Tree.

Project Manager Jeff Thomas and his team donated their services as part of the Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA) statewide Arbor Day of Service on Friday April 27, 2012.

Across the state, professional arborists gave back by organizing community tree care and planting projects. This day of service capped off the month in which both National Arbor Day and the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day are celebrated.

In years past, Mayer Tree Service has donated services to South Church and the Andover Memorial Hall Library. This past Friday, Thomas addressed a variety of issues at the ABC property including the removal of dead trees and pruning of hazardous branches over the private/public sidewalks, parking lot, and roof, the removal of smaller trees to decrease crowding and competition, and the pruning of healthy specimens to improve growth and aesthetics and the maintenance which will allow for future tree planting and landscaping for greater utilization of the property.

The Massachusetts Arborists Association is a professional trade organization that serves the commercial arboriculture industry. The MAA advances the goals of its members through education, certification, networking, advocacy, and research support. For more information visit the MAA projects (Andover) or

From an article in the Eagle-Tribune May 2, 2012.

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