Welcome Our Two New Freshmen

A warm welcome and introduction to our two new freshman A'mari Bing-Way and Nilda Vega.

ABC_Orientation_A'mariBing-Way_092013.jpg A’mari Bing-Way is from Waldorf, Maryland, where she lives with her mom. A'mari is very creative and interested in art. She loves every form of art from food creation to architecture. Exposed to a veritable art gallery in the ABC house, housemate Ariel Leachman’s artistic talent and a wide choice of art programs at Andover High, A’mari should have plenty of opportunity to expand her artistic horizons. In addition, she ran for her middle school Track Team where her girls 4x100 team won first place. One of A’mari’s initial coments about Andover "kids are very laid back...kids even wear sweats to school!" A’mari’s host family is Mary Ellen Janeiro and children.


Nilda Vega is from New Haven, Connecticut. She lives with her mom and four siblings. Nilda founded her middle school’s Student Council, where she pushed past her fear of public speaking and loved seeing her fellow classmates happy with what she did. Now Nilda is jumping into the Andover High experience and is excited to join the Treble Chorus of New England and begin volunteering in the community. Nilda tells us "the ABC house is amazing!" Nilda's host family is Jim and Robin Buhrer and children.