Fatouma accepted to MIT Leadership Training Institute

This weekend, Fatouma received exciting news that she was accepted into the MIT Leadership Training Institute.

The Leadership Training Institute is for students who want to change the lives of others through their leadership. Throughout the program students create, plan, and implement projects in their community. From increasing health and nutritional awareness to helping newly adopted children adapt to their new homes, students are given the resources and knowledge to affect change.

As an organization, LTI believes in the value of pay it forward. Students receive one-on-one mentoring while developing leadership skills. They then design and implement their own project that targets an issue they observe in their community.

This is a highly selective program for Boston area high school students that will require attendance at 12 weekend sessions on the MIT campus during spring semester. The interactive curriculum emphasizes leadership skills and technology.

For her final project, Fatouma will be paired with an MIT mentor to develop and implement a sustainable community service project of interest to her. The Executive Board will provide financial support and guidance with MIT connections. At the final graduation ceremony, Fatouma will present her project.

A special thanks to Fatouma’s guidance counselor Jessica Volmer for notifying Fatouma about this program; and kudos to Fatouma for pursuing the extensive application process and landing herself this amazing opportunity with her typical initiative and can do spirit!