Scholars' Summer Plans

Attending Johns Hopkins Honors Student camp, volunteering at Esperanza Academy, focusing on SAT prep; these are all pieces of the exciting and busy summers the scholars have planned!

Monique Lopez Espinoza's priorities this summer before her senior year are to focus on academics and college prep. She’s wanted lots of flexibility in order to have time to work on required summer assignments for her senior year AP English course, and she may add a second AP class in U.S. History. She may also work part time this summer at the Burlington Coat Factory in her hometown, where she enjoyed working last summer.

Monique has been working very hard this spring on SAT prep with some self-study. Visiting some southern California colleges is on her summer ‘to do’ list. Monique will, no doubt, be very busy this summer and, hopefully, will take some time to relax, too.

Felicia Reyes’ strong preference was a local program that would allow her to remain in Andover through July, and then return home to Anaheim, CA in August and thanks great teamwork and president Mary Pritchard (for initially suggesting Esperanza Academy in Lawrence), Felicia will volunteer for 3 weeks in July at Esperanza Academy, working in the office of the Volunteer Coordinator, Waleska Caceres. Felicia has expressed a sense of connection with the backgrounds of the girls at Esperanza and a desire to work with them this summer. Waleska has assured me that she will try to involve Felicia in some student activities in addition to her office duties.

Felicia may also work or volunteer at the West Anaheim Youth Center in Felicia’s hometown of Anaheim where they offer many volunteer opportunities with the Anaheim Boys and Girls Club.

Jazzare Mays will, for the third consecutive summer, attend the prestigious Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs. Jazzare was thrilled to get her first choice: a 3-week intensive course in Discrete Math at Lafayette College in Easton, PA beginning on June 26. She will live in the dorm and have a full pre-college experience. Last summer, Jazzare studied Principles of Engineering at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, and the summer following 7th grade took a geometry class with high school students at Lafayette College. Jazzare attends these programs on full scholarship.

Abigail Awodele, true to form, determined her own summer plans early on and they involve several projects. She plans to tutor a family friend, a rising 10th grader just like herself, in all subject areas to help bolster her grades for the year ahead. Abigail is excited about this opportunity and confident that she will be able to make a difference, given her own strong academic performance this year at Andover High.

She is also eager to do lots of reading of her own choosing this summer and working on her vocabulary skills, as well – a great way to get a jump start on SAT prep.